pāvo /’pɑːvəʊ’/ mid 17th century: from Latin pavoninus
n. peacock

Hello! Merhaba!

My name is Şerife, feel free to call me Jennifer, it really makes life easier 🙂

My husband Gün (Jim), and I are engineers and we have taken roles in many aspects of professional life since the university years: business development, marketing, sales, project management, product management, coaching & mentoring, software development, e-commerce and many many more.  Finally, we have our first common project Pavotail started  in Virginia, US.

We have created value in every area we worked proactively. Now, it’s time to create value for you with both our diligent, hand-loomed, high-quality and authentic products. Customer satisfaction was always our first principle, and still is, thus we wanted to make you feel super comfy and elegant with our spirited selection.

Pavo resembles peafowls (peacocks & peahens) and symbolizes elegance since centuries like our collection. There is one more reason that we are in love with peafowls besides their stunning colors in tails: our beloved Aunt Zeynep, who took care of many peafowls with her infinite love and gave the chance of knowing these amazing creatures. We love you and salute all the memories we had with you!

We are having the most amazing and the most challenging times ever with our three years old son. We have selected breathable, sensitive clothes for him too, and we would like to broaden our collection with more Turkish cotton selections in near future for your beloved ones.


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